WANDER 80 minutes feature film

The sky has fallen into the sea and has flooded the land. The sun hangs on the last thread. Only the highest peak still sticks out of the water. Three people who did not know each other are stranded on this last island. It is an intermediate stop at the end - a world without future. “How do we live a life without tomorrow? What does that mean to be human? “, the three survivors are wondering. Left between water and wind against hysteria, cynicism and memory. But on the second day the sea shall bring a silent man. The three fall in love with him and the catastrophe is forgotten.

Scene of this existentialist story is in the west coast of Ireland and its deserted islands. Feelings of the characters are represented by force of water, stone, sun, tides, and wind. They are afraid to touch the sea,
a storm is covering them with ashes,
the sun is spinning in haze,
a massive boulder is wedged between rocks
black seals surround the coast.